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With escalating enrollments around Niagara , the need for student housing has grown. With that demand comes an opportunity to reap the rewards of your investment.

Brock University at a Glance

More than 70% of undergraduate students attending Brock U are outside of the Niagara Region. This translates to approximately 13,000 Brock U students who definitely require off campus accommodation.

“……. Only 2500 on campus beds for 19,000 students…”

Source: St Catharines Standard

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Niagara College at a Glance

“…..International enrolment continues to increase with over 2,300 students from

73 countries enrolled in the 2015 winter term…..”

Source: Niagara College 2014-2015 Annual report


“….. Conversely, we experienced enrolment growth in the Spring 2015 term of 16%, following our strategy to expand capacity in high-demand areas and increase utilization of resources across three terms…..”

Source: Niagara College 2014-2015 Annual report


“…. At Niagara College, more than 9,000 full-time students study in over 100 diploma, graduate certificate, apprenticeship and Bachelor’s Degree programs. We also welcome more than 15,000 Continuing Education registrants each year, who

study in 600+ credit, vocational and general interest programs…..”

Source: Niagara College 2014-2015 Annual report


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